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Elayne, through her father, heals Launcelot through the Grail, and he eventually returns joyously to Camelot and the Round Table. Launcelot introduces his son, Galahad, to the court, and Galahad takes the Sege Perilous, the seat at the Round Table that no knight has been worthy enough to fill. Galahad also draws the sword from the floating stone, establishing him as the best knight in the world, but also accepting the sword's curse — that it will later cause a grievous wound.


Most of the knights then set out separately on Grail Quest. During the Quest, Launcelot, Percival, and Bors experience deep religious conversion, while Ector and Gawain are told by a hermit that they are not pure enough to achieve the Grail Quest. Galahad, Percival, and Bors meet up and continue the Grail Quest, but they are briefly parted. When Sir Evelake dies after his embrace with Galahad, Galahad is identified as the knight who will achieve the Grail Quest. Galahad is made a king who dies shortly thereafter, while Percival becomes a hermit.

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Bors returns to King Arthur's court. Launcelot also returns to the court and continues his love for Guinevere. After a series of trials, Guinevere is convinced of Launcelot's love for her. Although Arthur knows of the affair and overlooks it, he is prompted by Aggravain and Mordred Arthur's son by Lot's wife to take action; Guinevere is sentenced to be burned at the stake. Launcelot rescues her and takes her to his castle, Joyous Gard, but in the battle, Launcelot kills Gareth and Gaheris, who are at the execution but are unarmed.

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Launcelot returns Guinevere to Arthur, but Launcelot is banished, along with his followers. Gawain swears vengeance for the death of his brothers and insists that Arthur attack Launcelot. Arthur agrees, but while Arthur and Gawain are away, Mordred makes himself King of England, claims Guinevere as his wife, and attacks Arthur's army.

Gawain is mortally wounded and warns Arthur in a dream not to continue the battle. Through a misunderstanding, however, the battle continues; Arthur kills Mordred but is mortally wounded by him, as Merlin has prophesied. Launcelot and Guinevere both die of illness soon after, and Constantine becomes king. The Round Table is disbursed. Next About Le Morte d'Arthur. Removing book from your Reading List will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title. Are you sure you want to remove bookConfirmation and any corresponding bookmarks?

When Merlin accuses Mordred of letting a Saxon escape and asks where has he been, Mordred tells Merlin about Kara and begs him not to tell Arthur about her. Merlin agrees, despite his distrust of Mordred.

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Later on, Arthur and Merlin revisit the area of the attack, and Arthur discovers Mordred's footprints leading to Kara's hiding place and Merlin is unable to distract him. Kara attacks the king with a dagger, but thanks to Merlin's magic she is stopped, caught and brought to Camelot. Mordred is initially furious with Merlin thinking he was betrayed but soon realizes what happened. In court, Kara vengefully declares that she despises Arthur and is proud to be an enemy of Camelot.

Arthur sentences the girl to death. Mordred pleads with Arthur for her life, but Arthur still finds her guilty of treason punishable by execution. Mordred then helps her escape, and Merlin warns Arthur about it. Arthur, Merlin and the knights surround the couple. Mordred begs the others to let the girl go, but they don't listen. Kara has callously murdered a guard during the escape and telepathically advises Mordred to attack his "friends" with magic.

With no other choice he prepares to do it, but Percival knocks him unconscious and both druids are arrested with Kara sentenced to die and Mordred's fate to be decided later. Merlin convinces Arthur to give Kara another chance but she is bent on the destruction of Camelot and hanged. When Kara is executed, Mordred screams with rage and frees himself from Camelot's dungeon. Having lost all faith in Camelot and Arthur, he returns to Morgana to form an alliance with her to bring about Arthur's downfall.

He apologizes for his attacks on her by revealing Merlin's true identity to her, whom she knew by his druid name, Emrys, as destined to bring Morgana's downfall The Drawing of the Dark. In the White Mountains, Mordred and Morgana discuss plans to attack and surprise Arthur, Mordred states that he will personally choose the best warriors to flank Arthur.

For the battle, Morgana forges Mordred's sword in Aithusa's breath, making it impossible for anyone to survive its touch. Mordred is later seen in a vision leading the Saxons into the hidden path, he then joins the big battle The Diamond of the Day: Part One. During the final battle, Mordred is seen fighting and cutting down many Camelot soldiers, showing no mercy to his former comrades. When he is surrounded by many Camelot knights, Morgana aids him using magic. When Arthur is tending to a fellow knight, he hears a Saxon behind him and draws his sword but, seeing that it is Mordred, he hesitates and Mordred uses this to his advantage and impales him with his sword.

As Arthur falls, Mordred tells Arthur that he gave him no choice, only for Arthur to get up and impale Mordred with Excalibur.

Unlike Arthur, Mordred dies almost instantly, smirking to Arthur as he collapses onto the ground. After the battle, Morgana buries Mordred, placing his sword by his grave. Upon inspection, a shard of the sword is chipped off, the piece that kills Arthur. After Arthur dies, it appears that the prophecy that was told when Mordred was just a young boy became true The Diamond of the Day: Part Two.

He was shown to be more confident than he had been as a child since he spoke commandingly to the men who captured Merlin and Arthur. Mordred eventually chose to save Arthur's life and stabbed Morgana although it is likely that he had not intended to kill her since she survived the injury. He also promised to keep Merlin's magic a secret.

Nevertheless Merlin had seen a vision of Mordred killing Arthur and for a while he thought that Mordred was Arthur's Bane. He was also very calm and connected, shown when Morgana aggressively reacts to hearing that Arthur was still alive, but Mordred remains calm and self-controlled with surprising ease. Mordred no longer calls Merlin by his Druid name Emrys. Gaius stated that Mordred was a likable boy and even Merlin admitted that he liked him although he didn't trust him. Mordred showed a willingness to sacrifice himself and threw himself in front of a spear intended for Arthur.

It is also shown that Mordred came to respect his fellow knights who, like Merlin, treated him like a little brother. He seemed friendly with Elyan who explained to him why Arthur was upset during the celebration to celebrate his birth, his coronation and much to Arthur's displeasure, Uther's death. However Mordred's faith in Arthur and Camelot was shattered after the imprisonment and death of his beloved Kara. Wielding a blade forged by the young but powerful Dragon Aithusa, Mordred dedicated himself to Morgana in the hopes of avenging Kara and killing Arthur, the very man whom had saved his life many years earlier and whom Mordred had almost died to protect.

Mordred did have some emotion towards Arthur as, when he stabs the latter, he snapped that Arthur gave him no choice, seconds before Arthur killed him. However, Mordred was actually unreasonable, even after there was evidence that Kara was guilty of crimes against Camelot, even after he saw her kill a Knight of Camelot, in front of him, he still refused to face the fact that she was a monster, and the only reason why he was blaming Arthur and Merlin for her death, because he didn't want to face the fact that it was true.

Mordred, even at a young age, was magically brilliant enough to master the use of the Crystal of Neahtid; both Alvarr and Kilgarrah acknowledged his ability to wield said crystal. He could cast a stunning spell strong enough to kill off the soldiers that were sent to rescue Morgana with a single hit, visibly unnerving Merlin, and to escape from death at the hands of the Camelot Guards who killed the other bandits after being knocked down by Merlin, he levitated and hurled several spears at the guards, killing them.

Although as a young man Mordred rarely used magic since he felt he still needed to hide it, even though Uther Pendragon was dead, to the point he did not even use telepathy anymore, despite the fact that only those who had magic could hear him, Mordred's powers had clearly grown considerably. Although he claimed not to be as powerful as Morgana, he was still able to easily knock her out with a single non verbal stunning spell moments later when he had her off-guard With All My Heart. Upon becoming enraged and deeply hurt because of Kara's death, he was able to cause many objects, such as a table, in the dungeon where he was locked, to vibrate violently and was able to use his scream to cause the prison door to the cell to be knocked off its hinges The Drawing of the Dark.

Later, alongside Morgana, he was able to cast a powerful spell to summon a small meteor to help in the siege. Mordred was later made into a Knight of Camelot , after saving Arthur's life from Morgana. During his training with Arthur and his knights, Mordred quickly proved to be an outstandingly talented swordsman and Arthur was highly impressed by his skill, with him managing to fight the king on equal footing and even beat him in their training sessions, although Arthur clearly held back as it was a friendly spar.

Although he was exceptionally young for a Knight of the Round Table, Mordred was one of the most lethal warriors in Camelot. As shown by the vision Merlin saw, Mordred had the potential to become so skilled in swordplay that by the time he turned against Arthur, he had became capable of fighting the king as an equal and striking him down, according to a vision that Merlin had seen. Indeed, during the Siege, he not only killed several Camelot soldiers with ease but he would also manage to fulfill his destiny and strike Arthur to his death, although he was soon killed by Arthur in return - it must also be noted that Arthur did briefly hesitate to harm Mordred, which likely aided by Mordred's ability to kill him.

The Diamond of the Day. Mordred is known as a notorious traitor who fought King Arthur at the Battle of Camlann, where he was killed and fatally wounded Arthur. In most versions of the legend, he is the nephew of Arthur and the son of his half-sister Morgause or in earlier accounts Arthur's full sister Anna , but in some versions was the illegitimate son of Arthur and of his other half-sister, Morgana. However he is first mentioned as falling in the same battle as Arthur though it doesn't say whether he and Arthur were on different sides.

Mordred at Wikipedia. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Like you did me. United in evil. Gaius, Mordred is destined to play a part in Arthur's death.

Click "show" to see the gallery. Categories :. Also Known As:. The Druid Boy Sir Mordred. Biographical Information.

Betrayal Of Lancelot by Sarah Luddington

Behind the Scenes. List of Appearances:. See Appearances.

Betrayal Of Lancelot - The Knights Of Camelot Book 7 Betrayal Of Lancelot - The Knights Of Camelot Book 7
Betrayal Of Lancelot - The Knights Of Camelot Book 7 Betrayal Of Lancelot - The Knights Of Camelot Book 7
Betrayal Of Lancelot - The Knights Of Camelot Book 7 Betrayal Of Lancelot - The Knights Of Camelot Book 7
Betrayal Of Lancelot - The Knights Of Camelot Book 7 Betrayal Of Lancelot - The Knights Of Camelot Book 7
Betrayal Of Lancelot - The Knights Of Camelot Book 7 Betrayal Of Lancelot - The Knights Of Camelot Book 7
Betrayal Of Lancelot - The Knights Of Camelot Book 7 Betrayal Of Lancelot - The Knights Of Camelot Book 7
Betrayal Of Lancelot - The Knights Of Camelot Book 7 Betrayal Of Lancelot - The Knights Of Camelot Book 7
Betrayal Of Lancelot - The Knights Of Camelot Book 7 Betrayal Of Lancelot - The Knights Of Camelot Book 7
Betrayal Of Lancelot - The Knights Of Camelot Book 7 Betrayal Of Lancelot - The Knights Of Camelot Book 7

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