Big Smiles, Small Miracles

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She also said that Moose is small for his breed. Moose wears a Pet Partners vest to the therapy sessions.

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Abi asked what the boys knew about vests. They quickly made the connection to weighted vests they sometimes wear to help them feel calm and thought it was cool that Moose wears one, too.


A boy who normally covers his face with his shirt was down on the floor smiling and petting Moose, Abi noted. Another boy who she described as being in a constant state of fight or flight did not get loud and really wanted to interact with Moose. A boy who used to be frightened of dogs was very comfortable with the gradual, quiet introduction to Moose.

Smile Quotes

A boy who experiences hallucinations had none when with the dog. For instance, Moose came to her after huge turmoil.

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  4. She had to drive to a town near Joplin, MO, just after a severe tornado struck the area. Moose was separated from his mother and brothers and sisters and had to start a new life with a new family in a new place. Your email address will not be published.

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    Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It seemed to good to be true, but I was placing my bet that it would be. Christopher would be in the hospital for a week or two. He was assigned to a two bed room. Our roommate this time was the most adorable baby boy. That laugh of his was infectious, along with his sweet smile that seemed to fill up his whole face.

    She just referred to him as "Pooh. Little Pooh was in the hospital for kidney failure. He was on dialysis and in desperate need of a kidney transplant.

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    His mother, on the other hand, was clearly in the midst of extreme anxiety and internal conflict. She would often pace the floor and litterally wring her hands with She was filled from head to toe with guilt and remorse, and she spent considerable energy trying to convince herself and everyone around her that Pooh's condition had nothing to do with her Pooh was under the care of the nurses and Child Protective Services.

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    His mother was allowed to visit, but she was not allowed to take Pooh home. She insisted that she had never used illegal drugs when she was pregnant, and that she couldn't figure out why they had taken her baby away from her in the first place. She even told me that she wasn't sure that Pooh was really sick at all. She would point to his big smile as evidence that he was really okay. If the nurses were in our room, she would argue with them about Pooh's condition and her drug use. She wanted to go home, and she wanted to take little Pooh with her. The nurses would remind her that Pooh was very sick, and that she would have to go through rehab before the courts would even consider reuniting them under the same roof again.

    After the nurses left to attend to their other patients, Pooh's mom would continue to argue her innocense.

    Smile Quotes - BrainyQuote

    With moist eyes she would tell her little Pooh that she didn't do this to him. She loved him, and they were going to be together again. Over and over again she would ask for confirmation. She wanted me to believe her. She wanted the nurses to believe her, and most of all she wanted little Pooh to believe her.

    The problem was that she didn't believe it herself.

    Big Smiles, Small Miracles

    She knew the nurses were right. Her drug use had damaged Pooh's kidneys, and as she watched her child suffer for her weakness she was overcome with grief. In between gutwrenching sobs she begged for her child's forgiveness, but the only thing that would bring mother and baby back together again was rehab.

    I have always assumed that she must have finally decided to enter rehab because I never saw her again.

    Big Smiles, Small Miracles Big Smiles, Small Miracles
    Big Smiles, Small Miracles Big Smiles, Small Miracles
    Big Smiles, Small Miracles Big Smiles, Small Miracles
    Big Smiles, Small Miracles Big Smiles, Small Miracles
    Big Smiles, Small Miracles Big Smiles, Small Miracles
    Big Smiles, Small Miracles Big Smiles, Small Miracles

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