Blood on the Moon

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I saw it as part of a noir western double feature, and while the story feels more like a typical Western, it's shot largely in shadow which gives everything a super moody and sinister vibe. I also liked the scenes out in the snow—fun way to cut through all that same ol same ol desert.

I hate myself sometimes. I've been racking my brains trying to think of something more worthwhile to say about this really rather good Robert Wise western - which has the fabulous Musuraca magic to boot - but all I can come up with is that daaayum Mitchum is hot af in this.

I know I say that about every Bob Mitchum film, but I swear, look up "hot af" in the dictionary and you will find this picture. One of a spate of 'noir' Westerns and the second Mitchum made in the space of a year the other being Raoul Walsh's Pursued , Robert Wise's effort has to be one of the finest of this sub-genre, benefiting as it does from the presence in the cast of Mitch and Western veteran Walter Brennan and the star of the show behind the camera: take a bow Italian-born Nicholas Musuraca, one of the finest cinematographers of his day who enhanced a whole heap of movies including Stranger On The Third Floor , Cat People….

A psychological western like those made by Anthony Mann. It shows the influence of noir films more than any other genre.

Blood Moon

Robert Mitchum is superb as always. Gotta start watching movie movies!

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Brooding gunslinger Robert Mitchum gets caught up in a war between two cattle ranchers. This noir western from director Robert Wise is full of atmosphere and poetic images, many scnes take place at night or in the snow. There's nothing wrong with a piece of noir in November, and a noir western?

It's kind of amazing that it works. Based on a recommendation by Martin Scorsese, I'd been eager to see this for a number of years and the presence of Robert Mitchum was all the more intriguing.

However, this is a film that wasn't easily available. It does appear on TCM every now and then and that's how I was able to see it. Review by anonuhmiss. A great performance by Robert Mitchum and great on location filming at Sedona Arizona were wasted on a average plot and a Hollywood cliched production. Review by DFvideodiary. Fine looking shadows, curt dialogue, great characters and savage fights.

Worth a spin, or two.

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Peccato che la conclusione debba andare verso il lieto…. Meanwhile, Riling has organized the homesteaders into blocking the move, conning them into believing that he is working in their best interests. With no other option, Lufton would have to sell his herd at bargain prices or lose everything. Lufton would never sell to Riling, but he would to a stranger like Garry.

Lunar Tetrad and the 2014—2015 Blood Moons

Pindalest would then see that the government buys the herd at an inflated price. Lufton manages to outsmart Riling and move his herd unimpeded, but Riling and his men stampede and scatter the cattle back onto the reservation. It would take several days to gather the herd, more time than Lufton has before the deadline.

Blood on the Moon () -

Garry becomes disgusted when a man is killed in the stampede, and he switches sides. Amy still does not trust him. She suspects Garry of betraying the contents of a letter to Riling, unaware that Carol is enamored with Riling and is the one passing information to him. Eventually, Amy comes to trust and fall in love with Garry, especially after he defends her father from two of Riling's men. To buy time, Garry persuades Pindalest, who is unaware of his break with Riling, to send a messenger to the government to extend the deadline.

Garry then takes Pindalest prisoner. Riling and his gang track them down. Garry flees to the cabin of Kris Barden, the father of one of the men killed; they are joined by Amy. A gunfight erupts.

Super blood wolf moon: rare total lunar eclipse to appear in skies

Though wounded earlier, Garry sneaks out at night and dispatches Riling's men and knocks out Pindalest. Then he and his old friend face each other. Riling is fatally wounded. Pindalest is taken into custody, and Garry decides to give up his wandering ways, much to Amy's delight. Blood on the Moon still stands out from run-of-the-range action dramas. The reason is obvious enough. This picture has a sound, sensible story to tell and, besides, it is well acted.

Robert Mitchum carries the burden of the film and his acting is superior all the way Lillie Hayward's screen play, taken from a novel by Luke Short, is solidly constructed and by not over-emphasizing Jim Garry's inherent honesty, she has permitted Mr. Mitchum to illuminate a character that is reasonable and most always interesting.

The same can be said of the rancher's daughter, whom Miss Bel Geddes represents. Others who give worthy help include Walter Brennan, Mr. And a word should be said, too, for the direction by Robert Wise.

Blood on the Moon Blood on the Moon
Blood on the Moon Blood on the Moon
Blood on the Moon Blood on the Moon
Blood on the Moon Blood on the Moon
Blood on the Moon Blood on the Moon

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