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Do you need personalized book marketing recommendations?

This has been one thing that has continually frustrated me about publishing, how to choose your […]. Highly recommended.

  1. Quack the Duck (Mr. Whiskers Little Moral Book Series 1);
  2. What She Could--Opportunities (Illustrated) (Matilda Series Book 1)!
  3. Motivation im Unternehmen - Prozesstheorien: Beeinflussung von Zufriedenheit und Leistungsbereitschaft durch gezielte Motivation (German Edition).
  4. Five Steps to Sell More Books on Amazon.
  5. life of a vampire!
  6. Oak Openings [with Biographical Introduction]!
  7. Gramoroth.

How does Amazon deal with authors who try to mislead intentionally? Oh, very good question.

How To Use Amazon Keywords To Sell More Kindle Ebooks

Makes good sense to observe their terms then. I think I understand, though I would like it if Kindle had more categories instead of subcategories. Excellent advice, thank you! I just bought your self-publishing book, looking forward to learning more. Reblogged this on Author Ingrid Hall and commented: Food for thought…. Could never get the keyword planner to come up.

Do you also advise putting these keywords on your website? Hi Geoffrey. Sorry about the issues with Keyword Planner.

Example 2 - Choosing Keywords for a non-fiction book

Yes, I do recommend adding keywords to websites and blogs in URLs, titles, posts topics, tags, categories, and metadata where available. Thanks for the summary on Keywords Jason, I have also watch and enjoyed your Lynda. I think there are some recent updates made to the Amazon algorithms that affect the choices of keywords and categories that differ from your video advice.


For example, you would rather want longer-tailed yet still popular keywords within Amazon to make sure your chances of reaching the first page results are better. Thank you, David, and I agree that changes are constantly being made. Can anyone remind me of the Amazon site on which an author can search for the keywords people are looking for when buying books on Amazon. I have some notations on this, but would need to search for this information.

Thank you. Jason explains how to test keywords at Amazon and at Google and tells why sometimes what seem to be trivial differences can make a difference. Hi Jason, Thanks for posting this information, it was really helpfull I will be trying a few different keywords and see how it pans out. Thanks for your short but informative video.

  1. Blood on the Moon.
  2. Introducing Aesthetics?
  3. Choosing the right keywords.
  4. Fire in the Hole?
  5. Chorale Preludes, Part II, Vom Worte Gottes und der christlichen Kirche, 25. Wo Gott der Herr nicht bei uns hält (Psalm 124).
  6. CONSOLATION: Addresses to the Suffering of the People of God.

Seems like Google have withdrawn the Keyword Planner. I tried to get into it but was directed into signing up as a company and an advertiser. Any thoughts, any recommended alternatives? It does appear Google keeps making this tool more difficult to access for newbies. I believe you can set up an account without actually needing to make a purchase. This can be frustrating when you only want to use the Keyword Planner tool without a campaign. This is a type of Adwords account that is used by agencies and consultants to manage many different advertising accounts.

Reblogged this on When Angels Fly. Great, detailed tips, Jason. But A9 algorithm has similar goals as PageRank algorithm. What should be the best key words for a young adult dark fantasy action thriller that has also love stories? Test your SEO keywords by typing them into the search bar of a search engine like Google.

If you have chosen frequently sought after, commonly searched keywords, the search bar will autofill the keyword as you type. This is a good indication you have chosen your keyword well.

  • Choose The Right Categories And Keywords for Your Book | The Creative Penn.
  • Reincarnation (A Catholic and A Witch Trilogy Book 1)?
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  • The Contaminated Connection (Its All Connected Book 2).
  • Also, your book should show up on the first few pages of the search results. There should be more categories. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

    How To Find Profitable Kindle Keywords

    You can make adjustments to your ads at any time. When you click on your ad, you can drill down into results based on keywords. I sorted the above results based on the number of clicks the ad has generated. The lower the percentage here, the better that keyword set is converting.

    How to add THE RIGHT keywords and categories to your book to maximize sales and visibility

    Download a printable copy 24 pages! A frequent speaker at business events and on the radio, she has been featured in Entrepreneur, BusinessWeek, and Wired magazine.

    How to Find the Keywords Your Audience Is Searching for

    Visit StephanieChandler. Many indie authors use amazon marketingservice to advertise their books. I use it too since about a year and was very frustrated about the limited tracking capability. As you may know, you only get accumulated stats every day. I have developed a very sophisticated tracking tool Dashboard that helps me know to optimize my ad campaigns and sell more books online.

    Keyword Tool For Amazon

    Can you make this work with. Find me on facebook under Author Glenn Langohr. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. NFWC returns November , Join us for a career-changing event!

    It's free and it's fun! And more than 35 percent of all adults will be diagnosed with cancer at some point. Are you interested in learning more? See what I did there? This is what your keywords can do for you when you use them properly. First, you need to figure out the problem that needs to be solved. The problem might not be what you think! I recently performed an Amazon optimization for a book about managing Lyme disease. You can tell because all the books related to Lyme disease have a high-numbered sales rank. And the bigger the number, the smaller the number of books sold.

    Instead, I dug deeper into the illness itself and discovered that Lyme disease often mimics other issues. The laundry list of other issues includes thyroid problems, arthritis, and other ailments that are more frequent search terms.

    Choose Keywords That Sell More Books Choose Keywords That Sell More Books
    Choose Keywords That Sell More Books Choose Keywords That Sell More Books
    Choose Keywords That Sell More Books Choose Keywords That Sell More Books
    Choose Keywords That Sell More Books Choose Keywords That Sell More Books
    Choose Keywords That Sell More Books Choose Keywords That Sell More Books
    Choose Keywords That Sell More Books Choose Keywords That Sell More Books

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