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2. Prayer to Believe

In you is healing of the nations. In you is freedom of worry and freedom of pain. Lord Almighty, You loved us so much. You were sent from your Father, sent to save us from destruction.

We truly can never make it to Heaven without the help of Jesus the Son, who was sent to earth to help us. You, Lord are full of mercy and grace, please forgive us for our faults. Lord Jesus, in you all healing is performed. You Lord are the miracle worker. In your Spirit, your gift of healing is alive. In you Lord we can put our trust that you can heal us, and protect us from the enemy, and death of our soul. You, Lord are miracle worker for the sick, and for the lost souls.

You, Lord forgive us and save us from condemnation. You cleanse us and make us born again new.

You give us a clean heart full of peace. You Lord are the Light. In You is all truth. Your way Lord is the way to Heavenly Hope. Your hands Lord created the universe.

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You Lord are the True giver of Life. Every child is a miracle of Life. Life rests in Your Hands. Wrap us as a close knit family, draw us near to you Lord, and bind us with your Loving Hands.

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Let us be drawn closer to You. You are the Vine, dear Lord and we are the branches. You carry all knowledge and all power. You Lord are our medicine.

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Your Words Lord are Truth and Life. Help us put our trust in You. You Lord are the greatest physician. You Lord are our Creator. You know our thoughts, our sighings and our cryings and every hair on our head. You are Wonderful and make all good things for us. Heal us Lord, if it be Your will. Lord, Your scripture says that you heal all diseases and whoever believes in You will not perish but have an everlasting life.

Strengthen me, Lord, in this time of illness. Sustain him as he lays sick in his bed.

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When You were on Earth, you did all things good and healed all kinds of sickness. You healed those who had diseases. You died and rose for our sins and that we may have eternal life, Lord. I believe in my heart that You are here with us today and that with Your most holy power will remove all sicknesses and evils that roam the earth.

Let it be done in Your glory, Lord.


Most gracious and loving Father, I want to thank You for all the blessings Youve given me, my family and friends and all those I hold dear. Thank You Lord for giving me another day to see the beauty of your creations.

You know the state of crisis that I am in now Lord. I want to be of use again to You, Lord. In the time of my hospitalization, You Lord remain as my rock and my anchor. Almighty Father, Thank you for your love, grace and mercy. I pray that my discomforts will turn to comforts, my pains to gains, my deprivation to more blessings, my losses to profits, my tear to smiles, my sorrows to pleasures, my illness to wellness, my debts to credits and my dreams to realities.

I trust in you Lord and in you alone to heal me with any form of skepticism towards blessing that you will be employed upon me.


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Give me strength to combat despair and fear. Show me how to put my pain into perspective. Teach me to have faith in the new day that is coming. Thank you, God, for today's blessings, for tomorrow's hope, and for Your abiding love. Teach me always to believe in my power to return to life, to hope, and to You, God, no matter what pains I have endured, no matter how far I have strayed from You.

Give me the strength to resurrect my weary spirit. Revive me, God, so I can embrace life once more in joy, in passion, in peace. When I feel tainted, God, remind me that I am holy. When I feel weak, teach me that I am strong. When I am shattered, assure me that I can heal. When I am weary, renew my spirit. When I am lost, show me that you are near. May God heal you, body and soul. May your pain cease, May your strength increase, May your fears be released, May blessings, love and joy surround you. God, make me brave for life: oh, braver than this.

Let me straighten after pain, as a tree straightens after the rain, Shining and lovely again. God, make me brave for life: much braver than this. As the blown grass lifts, let me rise from sorrow with quiet eyes, Knowing Thy way is wise. God, make me brave, life brings such blinding things. Help me to keep my sight; help me to see aright That out of doubt comes light.

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Healing Me Healing Me
Healing Me Healing Me
Healing Me Healing Me
Healing Me Healing Me
Healing Me Healing Me
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