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With his wife Magguy, Louis Vaudable assured Maxim's international reputation. In , more attracted by the scientific field than by the jet-set, the Vaudables offered to sell Maxim's to fashion designer Pierre Cardin. A rich Arab had offered to buy the restaurant, but they were upset at the idea of it falling into foreign hands. Cardin eventually accepted the offer. Under his management, an Art Nouveau museum was later created on three floors of the building and a cabaret was established, which Cardin filled each night with songs from the beginning of the 20th century.

The chefs who worked at Maxim's included a young Wolfgang Puck. A New York location was opened in , but it closed in Today, the restaurant and the Maxim's brand belong to Pierre Cardin. The Maxim's brand has been extended to a wide range of goods and services. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Jackson selected for its historic significance, has a modern look, with neutral tones, exposed brick, fine woodwork and a dining counter facing an open kitchen. The farm-to-table menu is American, with some Asian touches, and depends on local and Californian ingredients. This Shanghai soup dumpling restaurant closed its location in Flushing, Queens, about a month ago. It will return in October in a new, grander space around the corner, with seats, an open kitchen and some new dishes.

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Masaharu Morimoto will open a Brooklyn branch of his Murray Hill ramen restaurant next year. Yoshimoto, the new executive chef at Suzuki in Midtown Manhattan, has introduced an izakaya menu of small plates. Vincent Chirico has closed his Upper West Side restaurant after 12 years. He said he might keep the space for a new endeavor, but nothing has been decided.

In the meantime, he plans to open a version of Vai in Industry City, Brooklyn. He is now the vice president of culinary for the Estiatorio Milos chain of high-end Greek seafood restaurants, and will be working on its global expansion. Get regular updates from NYT Cooking, with recipe suggestions, cooking tips and shopping advice.

Children multiply, then infant disease takes them— in this way so many of the race of men come into being,.

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Foolish is the one who knows not his lord, death often comes unheeded to him. Wise men bolster up their souls, holding their truth with righteousness. Blessed is the one who thrives in his homeland, wretched he who his friends betray. Never must he thrive whose food fails him—he must be bound by need at times.

Happy must be a heart void of evil. A blind man must do without his eyes, he is deprived of clear vision, nor can they keep watch of the stars above,. The Sovereign ordained his torment, who can grant him recovery, health for his head-gems, if he knows his heart is clean. A sick man needs a doctor. A man must teach a younger man, strengthened and urged to know good, until that man has restrained him,. Neither must a man chide the child-young, before he can disclose himself—.

A man must direct his strong mind. The sea often brings a storm,.

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The cliff-walls hold out against them—the winds are against them too. So the sea will be serene—. The king will be eager for authority— hateful is he who claims the land, beloved he who offers more. It suits a woman to be at her table—.

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A shameful man must go in the shadows, the light suits a brighter man. The hand must labor for the head, the hoard must await the treasure—. Greedy is he who is taken by gold, man on the high seat has enough of it— there must be reward, if we do not wish to lie, for those who show us mercy. The One must unbind. Deep are the deadly waves—what is hidden shall be longest.

Glory is the greatest. War must be in an earl, valor increasing, and prospering with a wife—.

A ship must be nailed tight, a shield bound fast, the light linden boards—a welcome cherished. A woman must keep her pledge with a man, often a man smears with stains—. A sailor is long on a journey—. When the time arrives,. He will become sick who eats too seldom. Although he be led into the sun, he cannot survive by the weather, even though it may be warm in summer—. A man must support his strength with food, murder consigned to the earth,.

The humble must bow down, those inclined must fall— the righteous grow stronger. Good counsel is the most useful,. Good prevails, and is the company of God. The mind must be controlled, the hand wielded— the pupil must be in the eye, wisdom in the breast. Every mouth needs food, meals must go on time. A shield must be for the fighter, the shaft for the reaver, a ring must be for the bride, books for the scholar,.


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