Saturn (Dedalus Europe 2012)

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The approach is largely humorous, and some of the whimsy here will not appeal to all tastes…. By not taking the easy option, but by taking pains to recreate the Krakow of more than a century ago, comically satirising the haughty city without resorting to malice. As we read this book, we love and loathe old-time Krakow equally. And that's just what the authors wanted.

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Szymiczkowa's work is a well-crafted page-turner, but also offers a deeper comment on sexism and gender inequality in contemporary Poland. Oneworld Publications. Search: Search. Mrs Mohr Goes Missing 'An ingenious marriage of comedy and crime. Translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones. The thrilling opener to a new Agatha Christie-style mystery series set in Poland. Buy from Amazon UK. Buy from Waterstones. The Book If Wes Anderson wrote feisty, female-led mysteries set in Poland, this is what he might write! Cracow, Raised from the Ground. The Adventures of Pinocchio. Carlo Collodi. Mariano Azuela.

John Updike.

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Saturn (Dedalus Europe 2012) Saturn (Dedalus Europe 2012)
Saturn (Dedalus Europe 2012) Saturn (Dedalus Europe 2012)
Saturn (Dedalus Europe 2012) Saturn (Dedalus Europe 2012)
Saturn (Dedalus Europe 2012) Saturn (Dedalus Europe 2012)
Saturn (Dedalus Europe 2012) Saturn (Dedalus Europe 2012)
Saturn (Dedalus Europe 2012) Saturn (Dedalus Europe 2012)
Saturn (Dedalus Europe 2012) Saturn (Dedalus Europe 2012)
Saturn (Dedalus Europe 2012) Saturn (Dedalus Europe 2012)
Saturn (Dedalus Europe 2012)

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