Secrets of Online Business Persuasion

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1. Spend time with the person.
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  • 1. Use Repetition To Make Your Claims Believable!

So, in context to persuasive website design, what do we term as a great experience? Here are the five elements that lay out our expectations from website design. Some simple tips — Use languages that your customers understand have a consistent design throughout your website, give pricing options on your page that are popular in the geographical area that you are running your business for. Image Source: business2community. In other words, persuasion is a game of being able to use the five listed elements in the process of website design and functioning.

A number of psychological triggers can be derived from the above five elements, which we will be going through in detail now. Though humans tout themselves to be intellectual and rational people, our brain is affected by a number of external stimuli, visual presentation, motivations, etc. Here are a few common cognitive biases that impact our decision making and are widely used by marketers in influencing decision making and in creating a persuasive design.

Choice abundance: When presented with too many options or too much information, our brain goes for a toss. We have an excellent piece on the paradox of choice , which you can read about in detail here. Anticipation: Thomas Hobbes has defined curiosity in the best possible manner. Marketers leverage curiosity and anticipation to keep users hooked and engaged with a brand.

We are intrigued to completely know what we just partially know about. That is how to keep nudging it to know even more.

Persuasion Trick #3: Specificity/Predictability

Authority: The brain follows the hero. Chimpanzees follow the leader. Their leader is their hero.

6 Persuasion Marketing Lessons to Learn from the Pros

For humans as well, an authority figure is a commander. His words and actions can be trusted. This is why you often believe a celebrity endorsing a product in an advertisement. This feeling of remorse often shows up when we purchase a car, a house, or even a certain luxury watch on an impulse. Marketers, however, try to soothe and calm us down by telling us how wise our purchase is.

Confirmation Bias: A series of experiments conducted in the s validate that people have a tendency to favor, and recall information in a manner that it confirms their preexisting beliefs or hypotheses. When people want to think in a certain manner they magically and end up believing it to be true. Community Bias: The herd sticks together and follows the norms of the community.

They have an inherent need to feel like a part of a larger group and be accepted as its members. This makes them feel safe and comfortable. Being with people who have a shared agenda makes people feel important and enhances confidence. Usually, people tend to make financial decisions based on Disposition bias. This goes for everything. Foot in the door is like one step closer to sale for marketers!

These secrets or cognitive biases , now out in the open for years for marketers to make the most of, are also vital in persuasive website design. We shall now read how these neuromarketing principles can be used as hacks in website designing. From trust seals to reviews to customer testimonials, different elements are displayed on website homepages to create a sense of security and assurance of service in people.

Using images and testimonials from authority figures in the industry is also a great way of leveraging trust. A number of newer, fresher ideas keep emerging every day on how to use trust bias in persuasive design. For example, a video on product usage can instill confidence in users that they can use the product without much help from customer support.

How to PERSUADE and INFLUENCE People - #MentorMeDan

Similarly, video-based testimonials are now being widely used. A good example of how a SaaS business leverages trust bias using video testimonials is Hubspot. The human brain is averse to confusion and prefers a direct path to decision making. That is why providing limited choice, which is most preferred by users, is the best way to more conversions on checkout.

Persuasion Trick #3: Specificity/Predictability

The experiment uses gourmet jams to prove that people who saw more options on display were one-tenth as likely to buy as people who saw the small display. Practical Tip: Provide one clear and actionable call to action on checkout. You should avoid too many offers and confusing messages. Almost every tactic to increase sale and convince users to buy quickly is based on scarcity to create urgency and other FOMO tactics. Onsite push notifications have also been smartly used by website design experts and marketers to instill fear of missing out in users.

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21 Fascinating Persuasion Techniques That Boost Website Conversions

Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Description Rarely does a communication revolution result in a marketplace transformation. The New Media Revolution is one of those extraordinary events.

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In this masterpiece, Secrets of Online Persuasion, Deborah and John-Paul Micek take you on an incredible business-building journey from blogging to Podcasting and beyond. What they reveal about the New Media Marketplace will forever change your business Everyone in business, politics or advocacy should read this book cover to cover.

Secrets of Online Business Persuasion Secrets of Online Business Persuasion
Secrets of Online Business Persuasion Secrets of Online Business Persuasion
Secrets of Online Business Persuasion Secrets of Online Business Persuasion
Secrets of Online Business Persuasion Secrets of Online Business Persuasion
Secrets of Online Business Persuasion Secrets of Online Business Persuasion
Secrets of Online Business Persuasion Secrets of Online Business Persuasion
Secrets of Online Business Persuasion Secrets of Online Business Persuasion
Secrets of Online Business Persuasion Secrets of Online Business Persuasion

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