The Great Speckled Bird

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All the other birds are flocking 'round her And she is despised by the squad But the great speckled bird in the Bible Is one with the great church of God. All the other churches are against her They envy her glory and fame They hate her because she is chosen And has not denied Jesus' name.

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Desiring to lower her standard They watch every move that she makes They long to find fault with her teachings But really they find no mistake. She is spreading her wings for a journey She's going to leave by and by When the trumpet shall sound in the morning She'll rise and go up in the sky.

In the presence of all her despisers With a song never uttered before She will rise and be gone in a moment Till the great tribulation is o'er. I am glad I have learned of her meekness I am proud that my name is on her book For I want to be one never fearing The face of my Savior to look. Several factors contributed to the Bird 's problems, including the disappearance of the Atlanta counterculture, the loss of advertising revenue, and internal squabbles among the staff. Despite efforts to keep the newspaper afloat, the final issue was published in October It maintains a place of significance in the story of America's underground newspapers.

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The Great Speckled Bird The Great Speckled Bird
The Great Speckled Bird The Great Speckled Bird
The Great Speckled Bird The Great Speckled Bird
The Great Speckled Bird The Great Speckled Bird
The Great Speckled Bird The Great Speckled Bird

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