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Time moves on. Technology changes. Not all the time, however. However, moves to abandon the mobile phone strategy of previous CEO Steve Ballmer and return Microsoft to its business-to-business roots with acquisitions including LinkedIn and GitHub have paid off. As a music critic, he worked for almost all the Dutch newspapers sharing his great knowledge with …. Franz Weisz Weisz Ferenc in Hungarian decided to leave his home country Hungary due to the political situation and overt anti-Semitism. In the Netherlands he enjoyed two decades of freedom and musical possibilities, but then as a Jew, he was ….

Rosy Wertheim was one of the first Dutch women composers who completed a professional music education and gained international acclaim. Next to music, she was deeply committed to social causes. She lived in Paris for seven years, and for some …. Composers The composers included in this overview all lived and worked in the Netherlands. Their music was banned during World War II.

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It is an oeuvre of some compositions consisting of solo concertos, an orchestral … more. Her music cannot be categorized … more.

Her … more. Fania Chapiro - Fania Chapiro was born in in Indonesia the former Dutch East Indies , on the island of Java, in a carefree musical environment. Both parents cherished the exceptional musical talent of their … more. Martha Belinfante-Dekker - Martha Dekker, sister of the author Maurits Dekker, led a clandestine existence in hiding in Rotterdam, survived the war and was awarded for her resistance work. She was known for the so-called SD-performances Singing and Declamation , the … more.

A … more. Sem Dresden - Despite his German-oriented teachers, Sem Dresden felt attracted early on to modern French music. Dresden was of pivotal importance to Dutch musical life, working as a … more. Marius Flothuis - Marius Flothuis led an eventful life. He lost his job at the Concertgebouw Orchestra on his refusal to register with the Kultuurkamer, a regulatory cultural agency installed by the … more.

The Fourth Book

As of … more. Jan van Gilse - Jan van Gilse received his musical education in Germany. He became a popular conductor and one of the founders of the Society of Dutch composers GeNeCo and … more. Simon Gokkes - Relatively little is known about the life of Simon Gokkes. From a young age Gokkes worked as a choir and opera … more. Hanf studied violin with Louis Zimmerman and played under the … more.

Paul Hermann - Cellist and composer Paul Hermann steered into a new direction, several times during his life, to escape from the claws of anti-Semitism. But in , life in … more. Julius Hijman - Julius Hijman's life centered around contemporary and Dutch music. His own compositions were not always appreciated by … more.

Mischa Hillesum - The pianist Mischa Hillesum was an extremely musical, sensitive but also mentally unstable personality. Music was his primary necessity, his … more. Dick Kattenburg - Dick Kattenburg was extremely talented. A large part of his oeuvre … more. Leo Kok was such a polymath in his own … more.

Hans Krieg - The life of Hans Krieg, a German who became a Dutch citizen in , was marked by the horrors of Nazi ideology.

Before the war, a promising career as a composer and choral and opera conductor was on the horizon, however, when Hitler and the Nazi … more. After World War II, which he survived by hiding in the province Limburg, he began composing in a modern classical idiom, building up a … more.

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Bertus van Lier - Composer Bertus van Lier was a versatile and determined intellectual. During and after the war he maintained this attitude towards those colleagues who were suspected … more. His fame, in addition to the fact that he was … more. We know little about how Reine … more. Wilhelm Rettich - Wilhelm Rettich belonged to that generation of those whose work and life was deeply affected by the First and Second World Wars. In , he emigrated to the Netherlands, where he … more.

He joined the resistance, was arrested in … more. Andries de Rosa - Born into a humble family, Andries de Rosa was trained to become a diamond worker. He was part of the left-wing literary circles and avant-garde of that … more. With the loss of his life and destruction of his belongings, all traces of this significant Dutch musician seemed to be … more.

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He developed into a renowned … more. James Simon - James Simon was a highly intelligent and accomplished pianist, composer and musicologist. So much so, that his son would call him … more. Leo Smit - - His music sounds thoroughly French, with bright and blithe notes that seemingly flow easily from his pen. The growing popularity of boxing led to a birth of various regional sanctioning organizations, with each recognizing their own champion. The major governing bodies were the National Boxing Association , formed in , the New York State Athletic Commission , found after the Walker Law legalized prizefighting in New York in , and the International Boxing Union , created in in Paris in an attempt create a unified international governing body for professional boxing.

The growing popularity of boxing outside of the USA led to creation of various boxing organizations, each strengthening their influence most notably BBBofC and having their own champion. This resulted in a growing number of boxers claiming to be legitimate champions. The committee, however, was disbanded in when NBA, along with its new members which included the Orient, Mexican and South American federations and boxing commissions of the Philippines and Thailand left WCC citing lack of control over the organisation.

The NBA's voting scheme guaranteed one vote for each state commission as well as one vote for each foreign country. The organization later changed the name to International Boxing Federation. Another major sanctioning body, the World Boxing Organisation , was established in in San Juan , Puerto Rico by a group of local businessmen. Wladimir is the only unified champion to successfully defend the title against the same opponent twice Tony Thompson in and The list includes championship wins of heavyweight boxers from outside of the United States.

It includes only major titles, without The Ring and lineal championships after The list includes longest championship streaks of heavyweight boxers by each non-US country. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Heavyweight boxing championship records and statistics. Wladimir Klitschko. Muhammad Ali.


Larry Holmes. Lennox Lewis. May 25, April 18, November 14, April 6, December 10, July 4, March 17, June 27, July 21, October 4, April 22, September 7, September 1, June 22, September 25, September 18, July 22, December 12, May 18, February 6, April 17, May 15, January 25, January 9, November 4, March 19, March 29, May 22, August 26, November 18, September 14, February 17, March 26, January 22, July 15, April 29, March 21, Weight Classes".

IBO and also the sumo board of control. International Boxing Organization. Retrieved August 11, Heavyweight Over lbs. Weight Category" PDF.

The World Regained The World Regained
The World Regained The World Regained
The World Regained The World Regained
The World Regained The World Regained
The World Regained The World Regained
The World Regained The World Regained

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