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Pacific Voyages

Unfortunately he did not survive the voyage, being killed by Maori at the Grass Cove incident. So in answer to your question, as he was not amongst the crew of Endeavour, he could not have rowed Cook ashore in Botany Bay. Was there a Cavanough on the row boat that rowed Cook to Australian shores? LeBogue did sail with Blight on both of his voyages to Tahiti.

With Notices of Siam, Corea, and the Loo-Choo Islands

Looking for information on Lawrence Lebogue who sailed as crew with Bligh and Cook. Robert, I have checked the musters of all the ships involved in Cook's three voyages of exploration, and I have not found anybody on any of the ships named Snoddy or its derivatives. My ancestors lived in Stromness and were seafarers.

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Were there any crew with the last name Snoddy or derivatives such as Snoddie Snody? Mikey, I have some good news for you! According to the records, Samuel Evans did not die on the voyage home, he returned to London and signed on with HMS Strombolo - a fireship.

James Cook - Wikipedia

He is said to have died in Bristol in Unfortunately the records do not show where he was born, so I cannot comment on the possibility of him being related to John Evans. Samuel Evans recently promoted by Cook ,died on the way home after their Batavia stopover.

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WHaleship Cyrus went to discover the Scatchley Islands named after their Captain ,which is still being fought over today. Any info would be appreciated. Pauline, it is thought that several of the crew may have taken boys on board to act as their servants.

As evidence for this, consider the case of Nicholas Young a boy who suddenly appears on Endeavour's muster book in April , shortly after the ship had arrived at Tahiti. Where had he been before being entered in the muster book?

First voyage of James Cook

He must already have been on board and acting as somebody's servant. He is thought to have been about 12 years old when he sailed from the UK. It was Nicholas Young who was the first person to sight land as the ship was approaching New Zealand. Joanne, aplogies for the delay in responding to your enquiry. John Plimmer was born in England in In , accompanied by naturalists, astronomers and an artist, Cook made his first crossing of the Antarctic Circle, claiming that he had been further south than any person.

Cook also discovered several islands along the Scotia Arc, initiating the commercial interest that underpinned much of the focus on Antarctica over the next years. It was on this, Cook's final voyage, that he discovered the Hawaiian Islands in January This major discovery would lead to his death — Cook was killed on a return visit to Hawaii at Kealakekua Bay, on 14 February The National Biography Award aims to encourage the highest standards of writing in the fields of biography and autobiography.

Complete set of the three voyages.

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Google Tag Manager. Captain James Cook - watercolour on ivory miniature in circular frame, ca.

Three Voyages Three Voyages
Three Voyages Three Voyages
Three Voyages Three Voyages
Three Voyages Three Voyages
Three Voyages Three Voyages
Three Voyages Three Voyages
Three Voyages Three Voyages
Three Voyages Three Voyages

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