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First steps to flying

During the demonstration flight in the Cirrus jet for journalists in August, we were able to hear the clear female voice calling out the emergency. In this case, it was being played just for us to hear. It wasn't actually being broadcast to the control tower, as it would in a genuine emergency. Declaring an aircraft emergency when there really isn't one is a serious violation of aviation regulations. At the same time that the system is communicating with the control tower, the same calm voice tells the people inside the aircraft, at regular intervals, how long it will be until they are safely on the ground.

The system will also turn on automatically if a pilot becomes incapacitated while alone in the aircraft, Kowalski said. If no input from the pilot is detected for a period of time, the plane will enter a sort of standby mode in which it will fly straight and level. A warning tone will sound and, if the pilot responds by moving any of the controls, the plane will return to normal control, he said.

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If not, the plane will enter Autoland, mode. Any occupant could press this red button and the plane would make an emergency landing on its own, Cirrus said.

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The problem the new system is intended to resolve isn't terribly common. The bigger issue, Kowalski said, is that concerns about things like the potential loss of a pilot prevent people from wanting to fly in small aircraft at all.

Cirrus' airplanes -- both its jets and propeller planes -- already have what the company calls the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System -- an enormous parachute, big enough to carry the entire airplane to the ground. In the event of a catastrophic mechanical failure, someone inside the airplane can pull a lever in the ceiling.

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The airplane immediately kicks its nose up toward the sky, putting its belly into the wind to quickly slow the plane. At the same time, a parachute pops out from the roof and the airplane will slowly descend, coming to the ground belly first. The Autoland system could be a good addition to this suite of safety technology, said Mary Schiavo, a CNN analyst and an attorney specializing in aviation. Schiavo's firm has been involved in litigation against Cirrus unrelated to the Autoland technology.

I flew from London to Amsterdam to meet the other members of the group.

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We flew into Heathrow on Monday evening. The bombers were flying over enemy territory. They flew her home for urgent medical treatment. Helicopters are helping to fly out survivors. He had always wanted to learn to fly.

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My grandfather flew bombers during the war. How long does it take to fly the Atlantic? Not all insects can fly. A huge eagle came flying past. White gulls flew over our heads. A bullet flew past his head.

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Pieces of glass and concrete were flying in all directions. Sheila flew along the corridor to the control room. The door flew open and the head teacher marched in. She stood on the clifftop, her grey hair flying in the wind. Some of the buildings were flying the French flag. Every American school has a national flag flying outside it.

Risk of blood clots when flying

Six months flew by, and it was time to come home again. We will let you know if you have been approved.

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You then will submit to Giving to fly your receipt and itinerary, and we will send you a reimbursement check. Reimbursement checks will be sent if the rules of the grant are followed. Giving to Fly reserves the right to not send a check if efforts were not made to find a cost effacement airfare. We would prefer a site such as Expedia be used southwest for Texas if cheaper. If your flights are more than our maximum grant please apply for just the members you need help funding.

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